Under the Blood Red Sun


Customs and Traditions
Tomi’s family owns a Katana – or samurai sword- that symbolizes honor. It has been in the family for over 300 years. Many families have items that have belonged to them for generations (e.g. Bible, pictures, letters, antique furniture, quilts, jewelry, toys, etc. Ask parents or grandparents to share with you your family’s most cherished item, and find out the story behind the item to share with the class. (Photo story on Nov. 2nd, notes on your wiki page)

Photostory Project: Posted to Wiki by Wed. Nov 10th
The purpose of this assignment is to create a visually appealing presentation using Photo-Story that will describe one of your family's cherished items or traditions in enough detail that the audience will understand why this item/tradition is important enough to your family to be passed down from generation to generation.

Requirements of the Project:
  1. Less than 10 slides
  2. Title slide
  3. Citation Slide
  4. Narration (voice)
  5. Complete sentences
  6. Correct Spelling
  7. Presentation form ( attractive, appealing, thoughtfully completed)
  8. Post completed project to your wiki page

Novel Study Rubric.doc

Photo-Story Tutorial:

Relection Sheet:
Class Photo Stories
Emily PhotoStory1.wmv
Skyeler's earrings_story.wmv
Joannas photo story.wmv
Lexxe's PhotoStory1.wmv
Isabella - PhotoStory2.wmv

- Emily

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