Using book titles to create "Poetry" = students browse the media center shelves, pulling particular titles, and eventually grouping the books into clusters so that the titles can be read in sequence, from top to bottom.

Examples: Creating Poetry using book titles


Skyeler's Poem "Queen"

Emily's Poem, "My Life"

A brief chapter in my impossible life
Vanishing Act
A girl called boy
The Obnoxious Jerks
Going Going

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A Love Story
Joanna "Crime"

Lexxe's Poem "My Friends"

Tanner's Poem, Bad Boy

Isabella's Poem- Lies


Different Types of Poetry

Free verse poetry
Free Verse poetry is the type of poem that breaks all the rules! You can write one in many different ways. Free Verse is supposed to be rebellious and let your feelings flow. Anyone can write them. They march to their own drums! Free Verse can range from jotting down a thought on paper to spending hours placing words perfectly. Free Verse is an expression of you.

By Skyeler
Your name is called
A cheer
Can you
The losers
Look sad
Don’t let that
Hold you back
Let that
own your face
Let your eyes sparkle
Scream loud
You won
Jump up
Jump down
Tell your friends
Oh my god
Can you believe it
We won
We won
We won
Are the

Color Poem
My poem is a color poem. A color poem is a poem that describes a specific color. You describe it with your 5 senses look, sounds, smells, tastes, and feels.

By Joanna

Purple looks like a tye-dye sunset after a long summer day.
Purple sounds like a violet floating down a stream.
Purple smells like grape jam smeared on a piece of bread.
Purple tastes like grape soda fizzing on my tongue.
Purple feels like tears running down my face from an onion.
Purple looks like a field of a million tulips.
Purple sounds like butterflies flapping their wings.
Purple smells like hippos playing with their calf.
Purple tastes like skittles melting on your tongue.
Purple feels like a shudder on a Halloween night.


A limerick is a 5 lined poem with lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyming and line 3 and 4 rhyming. Limericks are meant to be funny. Some people say that the limerick was invented by soldiers returning from France to the Irish town of Limerick in the 1700s.

Citations: "Limericks." VolWeb. Web. 24 Mar. 2011.

By T@nne®
Once there was a hamburger named Mac
He is going to have a midnight snack
he will have some fries
But the he dies
Oh no I knew they would attack


By: Emily B.

A couplet is two lines that usually rhyme, but not always. You can have as many stanzas as you want with this certain type of poem. They usually have the same meter and they complete someone’s thoughts or feelings about something. Most people think it’s the easiest type of poetry, but they always give a strong message.

The smell of sharpened pencilsDrawing with book shaped stencils
Chatting with friendsTalking about the latest trends
Reading and writing, learning and workingDancing and running, laughing and smirking
These are the joys of lifeThere’s no price, and the beauty of it all is so nice

Pulling through the waterIt’s much better when the air is hotter
Free style stroke, with my flutter kickI race by my family in the crowd so quick
Diving and stream liningWhile the losers keep whining
I keep winingAnd my friends and family keep on grinningJ

Cinquian poem
Line 1 is one word (title)

Line 2 is two words that describe the title.
Line 3 is three words that tell the action.
Line 4 is four words that express the feeling.
Line 5 is one word that recalls the title.
All lines must below each other not in one sentence.

Poem: Dogs By Eric

Fuzzy happy
Wags tail lots
Runs around the yard

Citation :

ABC Poems

ABC poems have multiple lines that create a picture, feeling, or mood. The lines can be made of words or phrases. The first word of the first line starts with an “A”, the first letter of the second line starts with a “B”, etc. ABC poems can go through the whole alphabet or represent only part of the alphabet (you don’t have to use all the letters in the alphabet!)

By Lexxe

A person in his mind
Big personality
Crazy as can be
Drives Mom nuts
Extremely cute
Furry and fluffy
Graceful and fast
Happy all the time
Innocent is NOT him
Just for me