I'm Isabella and I like to play sports like Baketball and Softball. I also LOVE to read and play outside with my little brothers Derek (2) and Ethan (1). One of my goals for the year is definately studying more for tests and quizzes. Over the summer I went swimming with my family, and also went to Las Vegas. I like to read both non-fiction and fictional books. And thats all about me!

My glogster- http://s6y8n63.edu.glogster.com/glog-5253/

Photo Story project:

In my family, every time we have a special occasion or party, before we eat all of us say a special prayer together. We stand around the table and thank God for keeping us healthy and safe. Usually, my Grandpa leads everyone and has me and my other cousin Nick help lead him. My grandparents fathers and morthers were very faithful, traditional, Chaldean people. Most Chaldean people still do pray at every meal before they eat