Eyes of the Emperor
I Wonder ...

I wonder why Eddy would hurt his dad so badly (emotionaly) even though he knew his dad had plans for him? -Emily

I wonder why Japan wanted to be in power so badly? -Joanna
I wonder why the Japanese burned Pop's boat, even though he was from Japan? -Joanna
I wonder why Eddy would just throw away his father's college dreams for him? -Joanna
I wonder why Eddy would choose to fight against where his ancestors were born, instead of going to college? -Joanna

I wonder what was really going through Pop's head when he found out Eddy signed up for the army? -Isabella

I wonder if Captian Parrish suspected that Eddy was not eighteen when he asked? -Isabella


I wonder if Eddy joining the army was the right decision...? (Think about his family) ~LexxeDo you think it was wrong for Lieutenant Sweets to mistreat Eddy and the others simply because they were Japanese? ~LexxeI wonder if Eddy's family is really doing alright, or if they're just saying that for Eddy's sake...? ~LexxeWhy did Chik and Cobra Go with Eddy to sign up if they didn't like what he was doing?-SKyeler
Why did Pa stop talking to eddy instead of expressing his feelings?-Skyeler

I wonder why Smith always calls Eddy by the wrong name...? ~LexxeI wonder why the army is using their own men as bait instead of prisnors. What would happen if a dog killed one of his own because he couldn't see the difference between the Japanese and the Japanese-Americans? ~LexxeI wonder why the dog trainers would think the Japanese smelled different from anyone else? ~LexxeI wonder why Graham Salisbury starts and ends the story with the same sentence? ~LexxeI wonder why Kooch went after the white person instead of Eddy? ~LexxeI wonder if calling a caucasian haole is just as offending as calling a Japanese-American a Jap? ~Lexxe

I wonder why the police were arresting most japanese, even if they were not helping the japanese bomb Pearl Harbor? -Joanna
I wonder how the family is actually doing at home? -Joanna

I wonder why Eddy wasn't allowed to tell Herbie where he was?
I wonder why Sakamaki was put in jail? - Emily

I wonder why Graham Salisbury made the ending of the book so short? -Isabella

I wonder if Smith thought the dog training project would actually work? -Isabella

I wonder why Eddy doesn't believe at first that the planes were trying to attack them and not the pig!

I wonder why Smith makes Eddy shoot the dog with a slingshot every time it licks him?

I wonder If Smith on Eddy's side or not?

I wonder why Smith makes Eddy Put horse meat on his neck every time he find him?

I wonder why Grahm Salisbury Choose to write about Japanese racism in WWII?

I wonder if the K-9 project on Cat island acutally exists?


I wonder why they thought that Japanese smelled different from whites? -Joanna
I wonder why Eddy put up with making the dogs their enemies, if it didn't help them with war? -Joanna
I wonder if Smith was just saying he didn't ever believe them for real, or just because he didn't want to be wrong? -Joanna
I wonder why Major Parrish and Lieutenant Sweet brought them to the island, if they were just making war harder for them, by making dogs out to get them? -Joanna

I wonder if all of the men and trainers believed that the k-9 program would really work. - Emily BraschI wonder who Kooch's owners were before they sent her to the army? - Emily Brasch
I wonder Why the coast guards shoot The boat when Leroy is asking for help?
I wonder why eddy shoots kooch when Smith tells him to Why doesn't he refuse?


Under the Blood Red Sun
I Wonder...

Papa is a Japanese male, and Grandpa encouages him to teach Mama respect. I wonder why Tomi's Papa allows Mama to act so stubborn? ~Lexxe

I wonder why Keet suddenly stopped being Tomi's friend? Did it have to due with Tomi being Japanese? -Joanna
I wonder why Grandpa keeps hanging up the Japanese flag, even though the family kept telling him not to? -Joanna

I wonder why Tomi and his family won't let Billy come into Tomi's room, or barely even in the house?- Emily
I wonder why Keet suddenly turned on Tomi one day? - Emily

* I wonder why Keet would tell the army about Tomi's families pigeons?
* I wonder why Charlie isn't scared of Tomi and his family, even though he knows how connected Papa is to Japan?
* I wonder why the police shot Papa's boat, just because it didnt have a flag?
* I wonder why Graham Salisbury wrote Eyes of the Emporer and Under the Blood-Red Sun completely seperate, but allows characters from Eyes of the Emporer to show up in Under the Blood-Red Sun?
* I wonder if Billy still trusts Tomi, and lied to help them, or because he was to frightened/stunned/surprised to do anything else?
* I wonder if it was right for Tomi to lie to his sister, just to try to make her feel better?


I wonder If we could make this cupcake?? external image Cupcake___japanese_girl_by_anafuji.jpg

Why does Tommy swim to Sand island, even though it might be dangerous?

Why did they kill the pigeons, even though Keet told the Police they were messenger ones, Why did they trust Keet?

- Skyeler

BHAHAHAAHH skyeler!! that would be soo hard to make!

I wonder why they would trust Keet when he told the police about the birds. I think they should have asked others because people that lived near them probably would've told them they were NOT messenger birds. -Isabella

I wonder if Billy still wanted to be Tomi's friend after Grampa signaled the Japanese?
I wonder why the bombing was so sudden to them?
I wonder why rampa would agree to kill the pigeons?
I wonder why people who are trying to be nice to Billy call him a haole?
I wonder why, after they gave him fish meat, Keet would say they had messenger birds?
I wonder why it was so important to the AMerican's to have a flag on their boat?

I wonder why Grampa is so crazy about the Japan?-Tanner

I wonder why Papa's pigeons always fly back if they know they are going to be locked back up again?

I wonder why everyone calls each other by their first name and then "chan" after it. - Emily

I wonder why Keet kept on telling his dad lies about Tomi and his family, and even if some of them weren't lies, why he would even bother telling them to his dad? - Emily



House of the Red Fish

I wonder...

I wonder how the glass ball that Sanji gave Tomi formed? - Emily

I wonder why Grahm Salisbury wrote about Tomi again?

I wonder why he wrote about what happened before under the blood red sun? -Skyeler ; )

I wonder if Tomi really can lift the boat?

I wonder if it would be dangerous to lift the boat and if they could get away with it?

I wonder why Keet, being so kind and smart, would listen to what others think and stop being Tomi's friend? ~Lexxe

I wonder why Grahm Salisbury chose to write about Tomi twice, but not Eddy?


I wonder why Rico and Mose would go out after curfew?
I wonder why they would let Grampa go if they though he was guilty?
I wonder what happened to Papa?
I wonder what wold happen to people of they kept their lights on during blackouts?
I wonder why Tomi doesn't think his family is on a map, (besides Keet Wilsons) simply because he lives on haole property?
I wonder why Jake fixes cars for free when he is trying to earn money for one himself? ~Lexxe
I wonder what Mose and Rico were doing out after curfew?
I wonder why Keet would even care if Tomi lifted his dad's boat? - Emily

I wonder why Billy still stayed by Tomi even though he was so against them getting the boat?

I wonder why they didn't mention the Katana when Tomi's grandfather came home?

I wonder why Keet and his family let Tomi stay on their land if Keet and his father don't like them? (even though his mom works for them)

-Isabella :)

I wonder why tomi thinks it's okay to lift the boat without permission?

I wonder why they took grampa away in the first place?

I wonder why Keet is so mean to Billy and Tomi, but is nice to Red?

I wonder if the inner tube plan will work?

I wonder why Keet took the sword?

I wonder why Mom won't let Tomi take the stolen sword back?

I wonder why they let grandpa home, but not Papa?-Skyeler

I wonder why Grampa's respect and attitude towards Tomi changed so quickly?
I wonder if Keet stopped being Tomi's friend because of his dad?
I wonder what happened to Papa?
I wonder if Tomi got to keep his house?
I wonder if Keet stopped messing with Tomi?

Should Keet go to jail for being a jerk?
Why did Keet lie about sending papa's fishing boat to Japan for secret messages?
Do you think Tomi's gonna change his name to Tommy?

I wonder why keet tries to stop tomi from bringing up the boat? did tomi do somthing wrong?
I wonder why mrs. Wilson acts different at different times?

I wonder if Keet will ever bother Tomi again?
I wonder if papa will ever be able to use his boat again?
I wonder if Tomi will get in trouble with the police for standing up to Keet?