Definition: a highly imaginative story about characters, places and events that, while sometimes believable, do not exist (from Harris, et al. The Literacy Dictionary, IRA, 1995)
  • to entertain
  • to take the reader into an imaginary world

  1. Form of fiction
  2. Magical, strange and mythical beings
  3. Set in our world or nonexistent world
  4. Quest, journey, or battle between good and evil, usually ends well
  5. Animals can talk, feel, and act like people
  6. Fantasies have happy endings
  7. Fantasies usually teach a lesson
  8. Ask - "Is there anything in the story that couldn't happen in real life?"

Harry PotterCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryCharlotte's WebMartin the WarriorGregor the OverlanderArtemis Fowl

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