Chapter 1

I wonder how Byron got stuck.
I wonder if they could have got Byron off the mirror a diffrent way.

Chapter 2

I wonder why everybody called Kenny poindexter.
I wonder why people teased Kenny

Chapter 3

I wonder if Kenny ever got his dinosaurs back.
I wonder why Kenny laughed at Rufus.

Chapter 4

I wonder if Kenny really believed Byron when he said their was people in the back of the garbage truck.
I wonder why Rufus and Kenny wanted the right hand glove.

Chapter 5

I wonder why Byron wanted to play with matches so bad.
I wonder why mama just gave up after Joey blew out the matches.

Chapter 6

I wonder why Mama didn't tell Byron and Kenny that the food wasn't welfare food.

Chapter 7

I wonder Byron got a cock.
I wonder if Joey would be as proptactive to Kenny as she is to Byron if he were a "julinile delinquent"

Chapter 8

I wonder why daddy bought the ultra glide.
I wonder if Byron will like Birmingham.

Chapter 9

I wonder if Joey understood segregation.
I wonder if Detriot was as developed than as it is today.

Chapter 10

I wonder if the outhouse was cleaner at Grandma Sands.
I wonder if Mama knew alreadly that daddy was going to drive the whole way without stopping.

Chaper 11

I wonder if momma would have let daddy drive the whole way through if he told her.
I wonder if Byron really remembers grandma sands.

Chapter 12

I wonder if momma liked Mr. Roberts.
I wonder if Byron was really having fun, or he just wanted to make a good impression on grandma sands.

Chapter 13

I wonder why Kenny wanted to see the "wool pooh".
I wonder if grandma sands was saying wirl pool.

Chapter 14

I wonder why Kenny wasn't reacting to anything.
I wonder why grandma sands didn't go to the church with anybody else.
Chapter 15