Newbery Medal Winning AuthorChristopher Paul Curtis'Elijah of Buxton
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In 1860, Elijah Freeman is only eleven years old when he is thrust into the "growned-up" world in the Buxton Settlement in Canada where he lives with his parents and other freed slaves. Eljah knows about slavery and the meaning of freedom from the stories told by those in his commuinity. But Elijah was born free, so he has no first hand knowledge of what it means to live a life of bondage. What he does know is that Mr. Leroy, a "growned-up friend," is willing to risk everything to buy his wife and children out of slavery. Unfortunately Elijah learns a "growned-up" lesson about the untrustworthiness of strangers when the Preacher, a disreputable character from a nearby community, offers to help Mr. Leroy but ends up stealing his money. Mr. Leroy's journey ends sadly, but Elijah's effort to help him brings his own life full circle when he transports a baby girl to freedom. As a baby, Elijah was made a symbol of hope by Mr. Frederrick Douglass, and now he has earned this distiction by becoming the youngest conductor on the Underground Railroad.Elijah was the first free baby born in Buxton, the first person there who had never been owned by a slave master!

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Experience "The Underground Railroad" official site of the North American Black Historical Museum which makes aconnection between Canadian Black History and Black History of the United States.Http://www.undergroundrailroadconductor.comShows various routes on the Underground official site for the Frederick Douglas nation Historic Site.
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I Wonder ?sI wonder why Elijah and Cooper believed Preacher about the "Hoop Snakes"?I wonder what the tracks were really from?I wonder why the Preacher lies to people all the time/ tricks the kids?I wonder what Ma's quote on page 9 means?~LexxeI wonder why there is a boy running through the woods on the cover?I wonder why they would believe the preacher about the Hoop Snakes?- EmilyI wonder why Elija is making fun of his mom for being afraid of toady frogs when hes afraid of a lot of things too. I wonder why Elija was so surprised that his mom and dad would do a prank on him after his trick.-JoannaI wonder why Elijah is so afraid of snakes?Why is "Mama" afraid of Toady-frogs?Do you think Preacher is good or bad?-SkyelerWhy does the author make the characters in his books so gulliable?TannerI wonder why the preacher wanted to go to the lion show.I wonder why Jimmy was helping out with the lion show. I wonder why the author showed the man in the woods on the cover.-JoannaI wonder where the preacher was the days he was missing.I wonder why everyone listens to the preacher if all his stories are so unreal. -EmilyI wonder why Elijah is so afraid of a snake when he is always around horses which are much bigger.I wonder why Elijah's mom is so afraid of Toady Frogs when they do no harm. -Isabella Were you happy when preacher died?Was Preacher EVIL??Do you believe that preacher killed the twins and took the guns?-SkyelerI wonder why the preacher stole Mr. Leroy's money?I wonder how the slaves killed the preacher?I wonder why Mr. Leroy died so suddenly?-Joanna(:Wordles TannerTanner.Wordle.JPGSkyelerskyeler-wordle.JPGIsabellaIsabella_Wordle.JPGLexxelexxe-wordle.JPGEmily's undergroundrailroadwordle.JPGJoanna'sJoanna's_wordle.JPGEric Eric.wordle.JPGSamsamwordle.JPG


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