´╗┐The Watsons go to Birmingham-1963
Why Byron thinks he's so cool?
How Byron became a juvinile delinquent?
Who is Poindexter?
Why Kenny is scared of Buphead and Byron?
Why didn't Buphead and Byron beat up Kenny when he read to their class?
Why did Byron's class look at Kenny so weirdly?
Why is a peson saver an embarassment?
Why does Kenny call Rufus a person saver?
If Byron will ever be nice?
Why does Joetta cry about Byron getting hurt if he's mean to her?
If Byron likes Larry Dunn?
How Kenny felt when Larry stole his gloves?
If Kenny likes Byron at all?
How Kenny really feels about Byron going to Alabama?
How is Grandma Sands 'harsh'?
If Byron wants to go to Alambama?
Why Byron thought Welfare food was free food?
How Momma and Dad reacted when they found out about Byron and welfare?
If Mom and Dad like Buphead/
Why did Byron get a conk?
Did the conk hurt?
Why was mom and dad so harsh on Kenny, and Byron but not Joetta?