Lexxe's Family Tradition:

My family does not have an object that is passed down through generations. Instead, we have family traditions. One of them is spending the 4th of July together at my family lake house up north in Cadillac. There we get to forget about our worries and have fun together. We do lots of things to celebrate too. This is a very important traditon to my family because we are able to spend time together. My family does not live close enough to visit as often as we would like to see each other, so we take advantage of this bonding time and enjoy it together. This allows my family to reconnect after a "long time, no see."

During this Time My Family:
  • goofs off
  • plays games
  • talks
  • rides the Pontoon boat/jetskiis
  • tubes
  • swims
  • jumps into the lake
  • visits the sandbar
  • barbeques
  • has bonfires
  • watches movies
  • fishes
  • and so much more!

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